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Strydo MicroFinance

Strydo Microfinance is a non banking finance company (N.B.F.C.) registered under Nidhi company. Guided by an expert board member team and an able leadership, the company has successfully transitioned into a profitable and high – potential microfinance institute (M.F.I.) , with low credit risk. Strydo's business model is unique as it pursues a double bottom line focusing on both financial performance as well as social performance. Strydo microfinance has emerged as a powerful instrument in improving lives across urban and rural parts of the Indian subcontinent .
Strydo provides loans ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000 for a loan tenure of 1 year. Our clients are from the poor section of the society and take these loans to start new business or expand existing business. This helps them to earn more and improve the quality of lives of their families. We believe in the four pillars on which our business is based – respect, transparency, collaboration and humility .

Vision :

A self sustainable financial institution which works at the grassroots level to improve its clients life, believing – “everybody’s company will help in everybody’s growth “.

Mission :

We have a social mission and business orientation that aims to provide underprivileged people with economic opportunities to transform the quality of their lives .

Goal :

Strydo strives to work for underprivileged people who are below poverty line . We aim to work in regions where there is lack of basic amenities like education , water, health, sanitation ,etc . We would provide socio - economic support and prepared new entrepreneurs along with the older ones to connect to the world. This way they will work on the global scenario and grow - contributing also , to the growth of India and humanity .